Mount Michael Benedictine
  January, 2017
6:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman A Concordia Jr / Sr High
Basketball-Freshman B  (Cancelled)
6:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman A Omaha Roncalli Catholic
7:15pm Basketball-B/Freshman B Omaha Roncalli Catholic
7:30pm-9:00pm JR Knights Practice 4:30pm Swimming-B/Varsity Ralston vs. Multiple Schools 3:30pm Wrestling-B/JV Ashland-Greenwood
5:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity Ashland-Greenwood
5:45pm Basketball-B/JV  (Rescheduled from 12-16-16) Archbishop Bergan
7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity  (Rescheduled from 12-16-16) Archbishop Bergan
8:00am Robotics @ Thomas Jefferson High School - Council Bluffs
10:00am Swimming-B/Varsity Brownell Talbot vs. Multiple Schools
5:45pm Basketball-B/JV Schuyler
7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity Schuyler
Classes Resume 5:30pm Basketball-B/JV Skutt Catholic
6:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity Lincoln Pius X vs. Multiple Schools
7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity Skutt Catholic
7:55am Faculty/Staff Inservice on Benedictine Values @ Library
8:40am Late Start
6:15pm Wednesday Night Visits
7:30pm-9:00pm JR Knights Practice
4:00pm Swimming-B/Varsity Beatrice vs. Multiple Schools ACT Registration Deadline for Febr.
9:00am Swimming-B/Varsity Skutt Catholic
5:00pm-8:00pm Robotics @ DC West Middle School
5:45pm Basketball-B/JV Omaha Roncalli Catholic
7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity Omaha Roncalli Catholic
8:00am Robotics @ DC West Middle School
8:30am Basketball-B/JV Weeping Water
8:30am-11:30am 8th Grade Placement Exam
9:00am Swimming-B/Varsity Skutt Catholic
9:30am Wrestling-B/Varsity Arlington
2:00pm Bowling vs Pius @ Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln
4:30pm Bowling vs Waverly @ Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln
Wrestling-JV  (Cancelled) RCC Academic Decathlon-  (Cancelled) @ Duchesne Academy
4:00pm Bowling vs Gretna @ The Mark in Elkhorn
Basketball-JV Rescheduled to 01-18-17
Wrestling-Varsity Rescheduled to 01-18-17
Basketball-Varsity Rescheduled to 01-18-17
5:30pm Basketball-B/JV  (Rescheduled from 01-17-17) Gross Catholic
6:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity  (Rescheduled from 01-17-17) Conestoga
6:15pm Wednesday Night Visits
7:00pm Basketball-B/Varsity  (Rescheduled from 01-17-17) Gross Catholic
7:30pm-9:00pm JR Knights Practice
7:00pm Basketball-B/Varsity Beatrice 11:00am Wrestling-B/Varsity David City
7:15pm Basketball-B/Varsity Roncalli High School
Academic Decathlon Regional Competition @ Midland University in Fremont
TBD Swimming-B/Varsity Lewis Central vs. Multiple Schools
SAT Exam
8:00am Robotics @ Gross Catholic
8:30am Basketball-B/Freshman A Ralston
8:30am-11:30am 6/7th Grade Practice Exam & 8th Grade Entrance Exam Secondary Date
9:00am Swimming-B/Varsity Ralston vs. Multiple Schools
9:45am Basketball-B/Freshman B Ralston
6:00pm Wrestling-B/JV Gross Catholic High School vs. Multiple Schools
6:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman A Gretna
7:30pm Basketball-B/Reserve Gretna
Booster Club Board Meeting-  (Cancelled) @ Armory (Student Union) 7:55am Faculty Meeting @ Library
8:40am Late Start
6:15pm Wednesday Night Visits
7:00pm PAC Meeting @ Library
7:30pm-9:00pm JR Knights Practice
6:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman A Skutt Catholic
7:15pm Basketball-B/Freshman B Skutt Catholic
5:45pm Basketball-B/JV South Sioux City
7:15pm Basketball-B/Varsity South Sioux City
8:00am Robotics @ Millard South
9:00am Wrestling-B/Varsity Douglas County West
9:30am Swimming-B/Varsity Burke vs. Multiple Schools
10:00am Basketball-B/Reserve Gross Catholic
11:00am District Bowling @ Maplewood Lanes
Catholic Schools Week No School
Diversity Day-  (Postponed)
6:00pm Basketball-B/Reserve Skutt Catholic
5:45pm Basketball-B/JV Gross Catholic
6:00pm Wrestling-B/JV Boys Town
6:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman B Elkhorn South
6:00pm Basketball-B/Reserve Elkhorn South
6:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity Boys Town
Basketball-Freshman A Rescheduled to 01-31-17
7:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman A  (Rescheduled from 01-31-17) Elkhorn South
7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity Gross Catholic