January, 2018
Winter Vacation Winter Vacation 3:30pm Bowling-Varsity/J.V. Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn
4:45pm Basketball-G/Freshman MOC-Floyd Valley
6:00pm Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. Western Christian High School vs. Multiple Schools
6:00pm Basketball-G/JV MOC-Floyd Valley
7:30pm Basketball-G/Varsity MOC-Floyd Valley
2:00pm Basketball-G/Varsity Sioux City East
4:15pm Basketball-B/JV Sioux City East
5:30pm-9:00pm Booster Club Youth Boys Tournament @ Multiple locations
7:15pm Basketball-B/Varsity Sioux City East
NWI HS Honor Band @ Sioux City
8:00am-5:00pm Booster Club Youth Boys Tournament @ Multiple locations
10:30am Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. West Sioux
TBD Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. West Sioux
2:30pm College Visit - Columbia University @ High School Guidance Office
6:00pm Basketball-G/Freshman Gehlen Catholic - Lemars
7:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman Gehlen Catholic - Lemars
4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Sioux Center
4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Sioux Center
6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Sioux Center
7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Sioux Center
4:00pm Bowling-Varsity/J.V. Sioux Central End of 2nd Quarter
First Semester Ends
4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Western Christian High School
4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Western Christian High School
6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Western Christian High School
7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Western Christian High School
8:00am-4:00pm Robotics League Tournament @ WITCC, Sioux City
8:00am-8:00pm Show Choir Choreography Clinic @ HS Choir Room
9:00am Basketball-G/Freshman Sioux City East
10:00am Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
10:15am Basketball-B/Freshman Sioux City East
Second Semester begins
NWI HS Honor Choir @ Sioux Center
5:00pm Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. Storm Lake vs. Multiple Schools
6:00pm Basketball-G/Freshman Western Christian High School
7:15pm Basketball-B/Freshman Western Christian High School
4:00pm Wrestling-Middle School South Sioux City vs. Multiple Schools
4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Spencer
4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Spencer
6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Spencer
7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Spencer
1:30pm 2 Hour Early Dismissal
7:00pm Athletic Booster Meeting @ HS Commons
3:30pm Bowling-Varsity/J.V. West Sioux
4:00pm Basketball-G/8th Grade Cherokee
4:15pm Basketball-G/7th Grade Cherokee
4:30pm-7:00pm Tuning @ MS Auditorium
6:00pm Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
6:30pm Basketball-G/Freshman Sheldon Community School District
7:45pm Basketball-B/Freshman Sheldon Community School District
1:00pm Iowa Lakes Jazz Festival @ Estherville
4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Cherokee
6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Cherokee
7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity Cherokee
AAU Volleyball Tournament @ Multiple locations
TBD Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. Bishop Heelan
8:00am IHSSA Large Group Speech District Contest @ Sioux City East
9:00am Basketball-G/Freshman Sergeant Bluff-Luton
10:15am Basketball-B/Freshman Sergeant Bluff-Luton
Basketball-Freshman  (Postponed)
Basketball-Freshman  (Postponed)
MS Band @ MS Auditorium
Wrestling-Middle School Rescheduled to 01-30-18
Wrestling-Varsity/J.V.  (Cancelled)
MS Band @ MS Auditorium
3:00pm State Jazz Band Festival @ Multiple locations
MS Band @ MS Auditorium
NWI MS/HS Honor Orchestra Festival @ Dordt
3:30pm Bowling-Varsity/J.V. Sergeant Bluff-Luton
4:00pm Basketball-G/7th Grade Sergeant Bluff-Luton
4:00pm Basketball-G/8th Grade Sergeant Bluff-Luton
4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Storm Lake
4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Storm Lake
5:00pm Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Storm Lake
7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Storm Lake
AAU Volleyball Tournament @ Multiple locations
10:00am Bowling-Varsity/J.V. LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
10:00am Basketball-B/Freshman Storm Lake
11:00am-9:00pm Show Choir Clinic & Showcase @ Multiple locations
11:15am Basketball-G/Freshman Storm Lake
State Show/Jazz Choir Contest @ Spirit Lake High School
11:15am College Visit - Iowa Central Community College @ High School Guidance Office
3:30pm Bowling-Varsity/J.V. OABCIG
4:00pm Basketball-G/7th Grade Le Mars Middle School vs. Hinton
4:00pm Basketball-G/8th Grade Hinton
4:30pm Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. MOC-Floyd Valley
6:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman Spencer
4:00pm Wrestling-Middle School  (Rescheduled from 01-23-18) Bishop Heelan vs. Multiple Schools
4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Spirit Lake
4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Spirit Lake
6:00pm Wrestling-Varsity/J.V. Sioux City North
6:00pm Basketball-G/Freshman Unity Christian
6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Spirit Lake Community Schools
7:15pm Basketball-B/Freshman Unity Christian
7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Spirit Lake