May, 2018
4:00pm Golf-B/Varsity/J.V. Cherokee
4:00pm Tennis-B/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 04-16-18) Storm Lake
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 04-16-18) Storm Lake
4:00pm Track-Middle School Cherokee
10:00am Golf-G/Varsity/J.V. Sioux City East 4:30pm Track-B/Varsity/J.V. Spirit Lake Community Schools
4:30pm Track-G/Varsity/J.V. Spirit Lake Community Schools
7:30pm 2nd/3rd Vocal Concert- @ High School Competition Gym
9:00am Golf-B/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 05-03-18) LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
3:30pm-10:30pm State Large Group Contest- @ Multiple locations
4:00pm Track-Middle School LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
Leadership Club- @ Multiple locations
8:30am Tennis-B/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 04-19-18) Estherville / Lincoln Central
8:30am Tennis-G/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 04-07-18) Spencer
10:00am Golf-G/Varsity/J.V. Storm Lake vs. Multiple Schools
10:00am Golf-B/Varsity/J.V. Estherville / Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools
4:00pm Tennis-B/Varsity/J.V. Estherville / Lincoln Central
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity/J.V. Estherville / Lincoln Central
4:00pm Track-Middle School LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
7:30pm HS Vocal Concert- @ MS Auditorium
8:00am Tennis-B/Varsity/J.V. Spirit Lake State MS Honor Band/IBA Convention- @ Des Moines
3:00pm Golf-G/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 05-01-18) Cherokee
4:00pm Track-B/Varsity/J.V. MOC-Floyd Valley
4:00pm Track-G/Varsity/J.V. MOC-Floyd Valley
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 04-19-18) Estherville / Lincoln Central
Puppy Relays- @ Jim Lorenzen Field
State MS Honor Band/IBA Convention- @ Des Moines
4:00pm Track-Middle School Spencer Community Schools vs. Multiple Schools
9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity/J.V. LeMars vs. Multiple Schools
5:30pm Girls Track Banquet- @ HS Commons Beginner Instrument Display- @ Middle School
5:30pm-9:30pm Speech/Thespians- @ HS Commons
6:30pm Speech/Drama Banquet- @ HS Commons
9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity/J.V. TBD
1:30pm 2 Hour Early Dismissal-
6:30pm Senior Awards Night- @ High School Competition Gym
Seniors Last Day-
7:30pm MS Vocal Concert- @ MS Auditorium
4:00pm Baseball-B/Varsity/J.V. Sioux City East
6:00pm Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Sioux City East
5:30pm Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Boyden-Hull / Rock Valley
5:30pm Baseball-B/Varsity/J.V. Sergeant Bluff-Luton
5:30pm Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Sheldon
5:30pm Baseball-B/Varsity/J.V. Sheldon
5:30pm Cheerleading Meeting- @ HS Commons 6:00pm Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Lewis Central
8:00pm Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Sioux City North
10:00am Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Woodbury Central Wildcats
12:00pm Softball-G/Varsity/J.V. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
3:00pm Baseball-B/Varsity/J.V. Bishop Heelan
Memorial Day Parade-
8:00am-1:00pm Memorial Day Program - Rain Only- @ MS Auditorium
1:00pm Baseball-B/Freshman Sioux City West
5:15pm Baseball-B/Varsity/J.V. Sioux City West
Last Day of Class-
End of 4th Quarter-
5:30pm Baseball-B/Varsity/J.V.  (Rescheduled from 05-29-18) Boyden-Hull / Rock Valley